Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Meme and a MWAH!

I have been taggeed by the ever-fabulous BOOKFOOL for a meme. I have forgotten to thank her for sending me a MWAH! as well. So, thank you Bookfool.

The point of the Mwah! award is "to hand some of that love and kindness back around to those who have been so very, very, very good to me in this bloggy world. My hope is that those who receive this award will pass it on to those who have been very, very, very good to them as well. It's a big kiss, of the chaste platonic kind, from me to you with the underlying 'thanks' message implied. I really do appreciate your support and your friendship and yes, your comments. ... Mwah!"

So, here is the meme:


a). What issues/topic interests you most--non-fiction, i.e, cooking, knitting, stitching, there are infinite topics that has nothing to do with novels?

I really like non-fiction books on history. History has always fascinated me and I love it when authors offer up new perspectives on "old" subjects. I also enjoy general current events books and books on "hot topics" such a FREAKONOMICS. Anything to get my brain thinking about new and challenging ideas.

b). Would you like to review books concerning those?

I would probably give it a shot.

c). Would you like to be paid or do it as interest or hobby? Tell reasons for what ever you choose.

I would have to say no. Although it would be nice, I would never want to make one of my interests or hobbies into a job. I don't think I would enjoy it as much. And the pressure would probably result in an inferior product. I shall leave the reviewing to my betters such as Bookfool and Literary Feline.

d). Would you recommend those to your friends and how?

Depending on their interests, I would recommend a book to an individual. I'm pretty picky about who I recommend books to, however.

e). If you have already done something like this, link it to your post.
I think the last non-fiction book that I reviewed was LOVER OF UNREASON.

f). Please don't forget to link back here or whoever tags you.

The fabulous BOOKFOOL!!!

I am sending out the MWAH! award to all of my readers so if you read this, consider yourself MWAH'd!

Also, check back later for a post on my weekend getaway that my hubby put together for me as a Valentine's present. It was a great time!!!


Bookfool said...

I've been MWAH'd back! Thank you, Amy! :)

Literary Feline said...

Sometimes I find myself thinking, "They never taught me that in school!" Of course, they never taught us a lot of things in history class, did they?

You definitely deserve the great big kiss!

Have a great weekend, Amy.