Monday, October 31, 2005

Malady Trivia #6

Okay, here's a tough one. I once saw a movie where milk cows were slaughtered and I haven't eaten red meat since. What is the name of the movie that put me off red meat for good?

The Inspired Blahs

I'm feeling a little down today. It's either the weather or work or my sinus infection. Or all three. But it is Halloween. My favorite holiday. Tonight I am going to see a special horror show at the Buntport theater with a few friends and that should be fun.

We have a big election tomorrow. My state senator has really been rallying the troops. I love that guy. Today, he sent out an e-mail with the following:

"A good man was at his place of worship, praying to God.

He said, "Lord there is so much trouble in the world. There is injustice, poverty, conflict and violence. Lord, please send someone to help...please."

God spoke. He said, "I did. I sent you."

I really love that. I think that all too often we forget that change has to start with us. I tend to get my best ideas when I'm driving around and lately I've been pondering the problem of homelessness. I would love to be able to start up a program that helps people get back on their feet. If I could just win Powerball, I'd have the money to do it! Maybe once I get to California...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vieve Meme

Here is another meme cribbed from Vieve!

My uncle once: Told me I was going to hell for studying anthropology. In the middle of my cousin's wedding reception. I'm serious.

Never again in my life: will I get drunk off of red wine like I did last New Year's Eve.

When I was five: I began hating school when my teacher told me I was learning disabled and would have to go to a special school. (turns out I WASN'T so ha ha)

High school was: a time to find my inner strength and fight back. I learned to stand up for myself and the people I care about.

I will never forget: so many good times with my friends. But especially wearing chicken hats at Oktoberfest and dancing around like idiots.

I once met: Liza Minelli who was very concerned about the small tumor I had on my eyelid at that time. (I was about 7)

There is this girl I know who: genuinely gets excited about good news in her friends' lives. I think she is more excited about my wedding than I am. Thank you for your love and enthusiasm, Maya.

Once, at a bar: a strange guy touched my face and my friend Anna hit him in the face.

By noon I'm usually: fed up with work.

Last night I: watched "Schultze Gets the Blues" and read some of Zadie Smith's new book.

If I had only: been more active in my sorority in college, I'd have a lot more friends now.

Next time I go to church: should be this Sunday. I really need to take Communion.

What worries me most: is making friends in California.

When I turn my head right: a line of irritating customers.

When I turn my head left: my co-worker Greg who is dancing like a monkey.

You know I'm lying when: I say I love my job.

You know what I miss most about the 80s: my youth and lack of world-weariness.

If I were a character written by Shakespeare: I'd be Katrina from "Taming of the Shrew" or, on a good day, Beatrice from "Much Ado About Nothing."

By this time next year: I will have lived in California for almost a year and should be in a house.

A better name for me would be: I can't imagine. My parents chose this one especially for me.

I have a hard time understanding: Why people take advantage of the library.

If I ever go back to school I'll: get a Divinity degree from a Lutheran seminary.

You know I like you if: I tease and joke with you.

If I won an award, the first person I'd thank would be: my mom and Gary for supporting me.

Take my advice; never: smile at a crocodile.

My ideal breakfast is: half a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter.

A song I love but do not have is: hmmm... I don't know but I'm sure there are a lot.

If you visit my hometown, I suggest: Eating at my list of favorite restaurants such a Burger House, El Fenix and Peggy Sue BBQ.

Why won't anyone: go out anymore?

If you spend the night at my house, do: bring wine. And cookies.

I'd stop my wedding for: an earthquake.

The world could do without: George Bush Jr.

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: kill someone.

My favorite blonde is: hmmm...Matthew McConaughey is more of a light brown huh?

Paper clips are more useful than: rubber bands

San Diego means: Jennifer's college town

Malady Trivia #5

Name one of the Halloween costumes I have worn over the last five years.

(hint: I've listed all of them in this blog)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Malady Trivia #4

I am a pretty active liberal Christian. I spend a lot of time thinking about faith issues and religion in society today. I have been known to expound upon these issues at great length. There is one person in the Bible that I have always felt was misunderstood but well-portrayed in a certain film. Who is Malady's great misunderstood individual in the Bible?

Another Personality Quirk

I may have mentioned this before but I am definitely a joiner.

I love joining clubs and other groups. Although I often get carried away and overextended. In high school, we were required to join a social club and a service club. I think I joined four or five. In college, I was a member of Amnesty International, Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the Environmental Action Group, Chapel Deacons, the Coates Center Program Board, the co-founder of the Anthropological Society and finally, the Zeta Chi sorority. I liked working in clubs better than going to class.

Now, as an adult, I have pared myself down to just a few groups. I am active in the Junior League of Denver where I serve on two committees. I am on the Board of Directors of the Young Fund of the Children's Hospital Foundation where I chair the volunteer opportunities committee. I am also active in my church with the Young Adult group and I am a member of the Wild Things Society of the Denver Zoo and the Unstrung symphony young professionals group but these groups don't require much of you. I used to be involved with the Denver Young Democrats but quit because it just got to be too much. It seems like almost every day of the week I leave work and go straight to a meeting. But I enjoy it. There is just something in psychological makeup that fuels my need to join groups. Hmmm...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Malady Trivia #3

Something momentous happened to me over Memorial Day weekend of 2004. What was it?

I'll give you a hint if you want it. See the post for July 19, 2004.

(this is an easy one)

Engagement Parties Are Fun

So, my friends Amy and Sara hosted an engagement party for us last Saturday night. It was so fun! They did a wine-tasting theme with wines from California and Italy. Local friends and people from my workplace came. Even my future brother-in-law came in from California. It was fun to see everyone dressed up. We even got some nice gifts: 2 bottles of wine, a gift certificate to one of our favorite restauranst and a wine decanter. My friends are so good to me! It makes me feel even more excited about the wedding because so many more people will be there and I know it will be a fun weekend. It seems like the older you get, the harder it is to get together with friends and family. You always need an occasion. Anyway, I look forward to getting some of the pictures my friends took and I'll post some here.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Goodbye Old Friend

Well, I sold my Jeep today. I am happy to do it becaus it's time to let it go and I'm putting the money towards my wedding but it is definitely bittersweet. My grandmother bought me that Jeep when I was 16. (14 years ago!) I still remember driving her around in it. She passed away not too long after getting me the Jeep. It's been a great car and I've loved driving it. (some of you remember me driving it in college!) But another personality quirk of mine is that I form sentimental attachments to THINGS. Because things often have memories attached to them and I am loathe to part with them. I've held onto my Jeep much longer than I should have because it's my first car and there are so many memories attached to it. But it's time to say goodbye and start the next chapter of my life with my Subaru.

So, happy trails old friend!

Malady Trivia #2

It's no secret that I am a liberal and I found the last presidential election particularly painful. Right before the election, I read a book that really surprised me and I urged everyone to read it. Since one of the big Republican talking points was that Bush would make the United States safer, I suggested that everyone read this controversial book that revealed some suprising things about 9/11. What was it?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

New Feature: Malady Trivia

To add to my self-absorption, I thought I'd add a new random feature called:


I will post a trivia question every now and then. The answers can be found within my blog. I will keep track of the right answers. There may be a prize involved! Post your answers in the comment section.

Malady Trivia Question #1:
I once said that I saw myself ending up as someone like the older lady character named Miss Maudie (Maude) from a famous novel. I'd be everyone's friendly neighbor and I'd probably have lots of cats and bake cookies for the neighborhood kids. What famous novel was I referring to? (incidentally, it's one of my very favorite novels)

(I know....isn't this just *so much fun*?)
It's just about time to start registering for gifts for my wedding. But you know what I really want? Two season passes to Disneyland. I'm not kidding. I love Disneyland. In fact, I've been dreaming about it. I had a dream recently that Gary and I were on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and we were just about to head over to the Haunted Mansion (my favorite ride) when I woke up. What a bummer! To think you are in Disneyland and then have to wake up and face another day at a job you hate.

But I'm looking forward to living a little closer to Disneyland. I hope Gary and I will be able to drive down there now and then. I can't wait to check out the new Space Mountain!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I have realized that another personality quirk of mine is that I am a goal-oriented person. I have never thought of myself that way but I really am. I like to make lists and check things off. I like to work on a task until it is complete. But I also tend to get overwhelmed and side-tracked easily. Gary is not really a goal-oriented person. I wonder if this will be a trouble point between us. He is working on getting his real estate license right now. If it were me, I'd sit down and work through until I finish it as fast as possible. He's just kind of laid back about it. I'm much more worried about it than he is.

I am also not a math-oriented person. I had to take a career inventory for this job I am applying for and I had to answer about eight math questions in five minutes. I got through four. I get so panicky and then I can't think straight. (these were word problems that involved percentages etc....not simply addition and subtraction) When I was in 1st and 2nd grade, my teachers decided I was learning disabled and would never be able to learn with "normal" children because of my math skills. I think I have developed a complex about it. Now, I will probably not be eligible for this job because of my poor performance. Oh, well.

Monday, October 17, 2005

So, besides the obvious (getting married to Gary!), I am looking forward to my wedding for other reasons as well.

1) I have felt really out of the loop for the longest time. I've been a part of so many engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, baby showers, etc for so long. It will be so nice to finally have my own. I'm really looking forward to joining the group of the marrieds and not feel like so much of an outsider.

2) I really look forward to having so many people I care about together at the wedding. There are some people I haven't seen in years! My friend Khrisslyn may come from Germany and my friends Sonya and Ana from Texas. Vieve will come in from D.C. Brandon and Guillermo will come from Dallas. And all my family members that I never get to see. That, to me, will be the best part. (if only I could get Brad to come) Being with so many people I care about at the same time! I can hardly wait!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good news! I reconnected with my college roommate Khrisslyn today. And that makes me very happy. Khrisslyn and I roomed together our Senior year. I enjoyed living with her because she was/is not the type of person to get drawn into female-driven drama. She always made me laugh and we both shared a love of art history. We interned at the San Antonio Museum of Art at the same time. I was in the Latin American Art department.

Khrisslyn is also a very loyal person which I especially appreciated around the time I lived with her. We would do really silly stuff together like go to the grocery store and stock up on a bunch of junk food like little kids. But she also taught me a lot about cooking, eating healthy, and exercising. I always admired her drive. She has lived abroad a lot since we graduated from college in different countries. Something that I would find very difficult to do. But her outgoing spirit makes it easy for her to make friends. That and the fact that she looks like Scarlett Johanssen.

Welcome back, Khrisslyn! I've missed you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Remember how I said storytime put me in a good mood? It took less than a hour to turn me from a happy library clerk to an angry bitter one.
We are very short-staffed today. One clerk called out, one shelver is out sick, one shelver came in late for no good reason, another clerk is at a doctor's appt. It just isn't a good day. So, our ONE shelver for this afternoon just called out saying, "I'm just too burned out to come to work." What the hell kind of an excuse is that? And she thinks she's going to take sick leave for that! I could use that excuse every day but I still get my ass to work because people are counting on me!

Okay....I just have to remember....only 62 more days in this job and then I'm gone forever.
By far the best part of my job is doing storytime. Four years ago, my boss at the time decided that even though it is library policy to only allow librarians with a MLS degree to do storytimes, she would let me start my own storytime. I've been doing them every Wednesday since then. I have one five-year-old boy in my storytime who has been with me since he was one. It is so fun to see them grow up and start reading on their own. I do a preschool-oriented storytime with books, fingerplay, songs and movement. I also sometimes substitute for the Bookbabies leader on Thursdays. That particular storytime is for babies 24 months and under. I will be leading Bookbabies tomorrow. I really love interacting with kids under 8 because their enthusiasm is so great. If you tell kids at that age to get up and "shake their sillies out," they will do it. Today, I did an apple-themed storytime and we all had so much fun. It put me in a great mood.

I also do a monthly storytime at the Children's Hospital. Recently, the Director of Volunteers stopped by to listen to me read to the kids. Afterwards, she told me that she thought I did a really good job. She said she was surprised at how inhibited I was. (I suppose this is because I don't shy away from doing voices and sound effects) I told her I've been doing this for four years and if you don't put in 110%, the kids won't get into it. Enthusiasm means a lot. Of course, after storytime, I usually feel like a need a nap. But I love it. I just wish I could be around my friends' babies more so I could start reading to them. It would be nice to read to kids I actually know personally.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just to avoid any confusion...
For those of you who looked closely at Toulouse's picture...
No, I do not paint my cat's fingernails.
I don't believe in de-clawing but I do believe in protecting my furniture. So, I put these plastic covers on Toulouse's nails called SoftPaws. They prevent him from doing damage to things but he still gets all the benefits of having claws. I have to use colored ones so I know when they fall off.
Oops! I missed the other cyber-tags. I'm new to this so bear with me.

10 years ago: I was 20 years old and facing a major fallout with my group of friends at the time for something I didn't do. It taught me a lot about loyalty and trust and what to really look for in a friend. A very unfortunate time in my life. But a good learning experience.

5 years ago: I was dating someone who didn't really know who I was. But then again, he didn't know who he was either. He tried to control me and was very cold and distant. But I realized what I wanted and deserved in a relationship. And, thankfully, he dumped me after four years so I could finally be free to pursue something better.

1 year ago: A little more than a year ago, I met my fiance, Gary. I went to New Mexico for an event with a girlfriend. I just wanted all men to cut me a wide berth. And then I met this really sweet guy who I started corresponding with through e-mail. Who knew we would be engaged a year later?

Yesterday: I watched it snow outside the window at work and trudged through the slush at lunchtime to get Indian food with my buddy Greg.

5 Snacks I Enjoy: Cheesy Goldfish crackers, mixed nuts, Canada Dry lemon/lime sparkling water, chocolate chip cookie, Granny Smith apples

5 Songs I Know All The Words To: most Tori Amos songs, most Tom Petty songs, most Heather Combs songs, most Sting songs, most Nat King Cole songs

5 Things I'd Do With 100 Million Dollars:-pay off every debt and loan I have, plan for my mother's future so that she is taken care of, buy a house for me and Gary in the Bay Area, get Gary a new car, start my own non-profit for better housing

5 Places I'd Run Away To: Texas, Italy, Mexico, Aspen, ?

5 Things I'd Never Wear:-Real fur, anything too revealing, a Republican campaign shirt/button, strong perfume, large rings on my fingers

5 Favorite T.V. Shows:-Arrested Development, Lost, House, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy (I know that's more than five but, hey, I like these shows!)

5 Biggest Joys:-being with Gary, playing with my cat Toulouse, going to bible study, volunteering, shopping for gifts for the people I love

What is Cool In My Place... Well, I'd have to say that my cat Toulouse is the coolest thing in my place. But I truly love my house. I especially like my collection of Guatemalan textiles (huipiles) I have hanging from my inner balcony.

Okay, Vieve, you have to answer these too...

Monday, October 10, 2005

So, I got cyber-tagged by Frank.

The Rules:
1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same.

My sentence: "I also really like Bill Maher." This was from Sept. 10, 2003. Have I really been blogging that long?

Since I don't really know five bloggers, so I'm just going to tag
Vieve from Princess Genevieve.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Today, I am going to make a plea for my favorite show on television, "Arrested Development." I love this show! The writing is funny and moves so fast that you can watch an episode over and over again and still find new things to laugh about. I can't believe more people aren't watching this show! As with many great shows, you kind of have to watch it from the beginning to truly "get it." I know most libraries and Netflix carry the series so go check it out! Immediately!

I'd also like to give a shout out to another great show, "Lost." I just started getting into this show. My mom told me all last year how great it was but I was too wrapped up in "Desperate Housewives." And I'm telling you now that "lost is a far superior show. It's kind of like "Castaway" meets "Island of Dr. Moreau" meets "Jacob's Ladder." I'm only halfway through the first season but I'm loving it!

Spoiler alert: My friend Greg thinks all the people on "Lost" are dead. That is why the wheelchair guy can walk now. He says the show is based on a novel called "The Third Policeman." I just bought that books so we'll see...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I am known to have a penchant for celebrity gossip. I'm not proud of it but there it is. I'm sorry, I just happen to enjoy reading "US WEEKLY" and it's companion 'zines. But celebrity gossip has hit a new low today. I just found out that Katie Holmes is pregnant with Tom Cruise's baby. Which I find oddly disturbing and repellent. Especially since rumors have existed for years that Tom is sterile and that is why he never had kids with Mimi Rogers and adopted with Nicole Kidman. I just told my friend Greg about the news and he said, "I think I just threw up in my mouth a little." My sentiments exactly.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You Are Lara Croft

"Everything lost is meant to be found."What Superheroine Are You?

Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.
My friend Frank is doing a series on her blog about her personality quirks and it got me to thinking about my own. A lot of what she says rings true with me as well which is probably why we became friends within five minutes of meeting and eating ice cream together.

I have alluded to these personality quirks before but I'd like to put them together into one blog.

1. I'm a rule follower. I actually take comfort in rules. And it makes me very anxious when other people don't follow rules. This can be everything from library rules to rules of etiquette. Deep down, I just think that rules were created for us to live together more peacefully and be respectful of one another. I'm not a tattletale but I can get quite prissy when people think the rules don't apply to them. I don't particularly like this aspect of myself but I think there are worse things I could be neurotic about.

2. I have a deep-seated desire to please the people I care about. I will bend over backward to make people happy. Often to my own detriment. Sometimes I will even do this with complete strangers. I just want everyone to get along and be happy. The thought of having someone I care about angry at me is more than I can bear.

3. Although most people that know me would disagree, I am very shy. I don't handle meeting new people well. So, a lot of people see me as aloof or stuck-up when I'm really not. I just never know what to say.

4.One of my favorite things to do is to buy gifts for people. I just really really love giving presents. I think that is why I love the holiday season so much. And why I always seem to be in debt.

5. I'm not afraid of a fight. It doesn't bother me to get into an argument with someone. HOWEVER, if I get an inkling that I might have hurt someone's feelings, then I really freak out. I can't stand that. Even if it's someone who is being a big poop. There are few things I can think of that are more awful than hurting someone's feelings. Especially deliberately.

Okay, well those are the first few quirks I can think of. I'm sure there are more...