Monday, December 16, 2013

A Gift for Little Readers

I work in a library and I sell Barefoot Books on the side but I am always a sucker for more books!  Several months ago, we decided to subscribe to BOBBLEDY BOOKS, a small press publisher of children's books. We are loving it!!!

The husband and wife team of Bobbledy Books create this wonderful, whimsical stories that are mailed directly to your child.  Each year-long membership gets three books, a music CD, an interactive book for your child to complete, a funky multi-sided crayon and a birthday card.  $60 seems like a lot for a membership but each book retails for $12, the CD retails for $10 and you have to factor in shipping.

The books are so clever and definitely have our whimsical sense of humor.  So far, we have gotten:

We also got a book called  THE SNOWMEN BELOW which gave you a few prompts but encouraged children to make their own story.  We mailed our finished copy of THE SNOWMEN BELOW back to Bobbledy Books and one child will have their book published! Fun!

We also enjoy reading their blog which offers lots of writing and drawing prompts for inspiration.

I highly recommend Bobbledy Book as a great subscription club for your little reader.  Who doesn't love receiving books in the mail?!

They are currently offering $5 off with coupon code HOLIDAY.

(All images borrowed from and owned by Bobbledy Books.  I received NO compensation in any form for this post.  I just love the service!)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Read: IT'S OK NOT TO SHARE by Heather Shumaker

The last book for this year will be IT'S OK NOT TO SHARE by Heather Shumaker. This will also be the readalong for 2014 for one of my favorite blogs, NOT JUST CUTE.

I am still playing catchup with a few of the books but I hope to post a recap of our reading adventure in January!