Tuesday, February 22, 2005

So, I watched the "Notebook" last night and I cried for about a half hour afterwards. The story about the young couple was just your standard Hollywood fare. But the story framing the movie really got to me.

*spoiler alert*

The gist of the movie is that this elderly gentleman goes every day to a nursing home to visit his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer's. He read to her from a notebook that tells the story of their love in order to try and bring her back. He reads to her every day and the whole thing is just so touching. In the end, she has a moment of lucidity and asks him what will happen when she can't remember anything. He promises that he will always stay with her. And then she asks him if their love is strong enough to let them die together. He lays down in the hospital bed with her and the next morning, they are both found dead holding each other's hands. It was just so beautiful in a way.

I lost my grandfather, my beloved PawPaw, to Alzheimer's and it is a very cruel disease. It robs you of yourself. But the strange thing is, it also brings you to the very core of your being. The day my grandfather didn't recognize me was awful. But, he still looked at me and saw a young woman who was sad and tried to comfort me. Because that's the kind of person he was deep down. It is an awful thing to watch someone you care about go through Alzheimer's and this movie reminded me of that process. I hope so much that sometime soon we can find a cure.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I spent the weekend with my honey who came in town for the occasion. We had a lovely weekend together.

I have found that since I have been with Gary, I have become a total ball of mush when it comes to love. I used to pooh pooh marriage and romance. But now, I find myself surreptitiously checking out bridal magazines and getting weepy over romantic films. What has happened to me?! (Ellen--I think your prayer group worked. Thank you.)

*spoiler alert*
Recently, I watched "Shall We Dance?" which was a sweet but mediocre film. However, there is a scene in the movie where Richard Gere's character goes to the department store where his wife works. It is after hours and she is working on a display when her husband appears coming up the escalator in a tux with a rose. He asks her to dance and when she tells him that she doesn't know how, he responds, "We've been dancing together for nineteen years!"
And then they dance around the department store.

I started sobbing and couldn't stop. It just seemed so beautiful to me that a couple could be married for nineteen years and the husband could make a romantic gesture like that. It was wonderful!

So, I leave you with that for Valentine's Day and hope that love follows you wherever you are...be it familial, romantic or the very best in friendship.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

So, yesterday was Ash Wednesday. I didn't get to participate in any church activities since I was working all day. But I've always really liked Ash Wednesday because of the public witness that it provides. Anyone can wear a cross. Some people even wear crosses as jewelry. You don't even have to be a practicing Christian to wear a cross. But Ash Wednesday is a whole different scenario.

When you go to church in the morning and get the ash put on your forehead and then walk around all day with it, your actions are really saying something. One of my co-workers saw a gentleman walk into the library with ash on his forehead and she said, "What the heck is on that guy's forehead?!"

Most people just don't get it. And the idea of walking around with a big smudge on your forehead all day is mortifying to a lot of people. But I love it because it's a public declaration of faith. And I like that.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I want to congratulate Ellen of "Sugar in the Raw" on the birth of her darling baby girl Anna Marie. Ellen was one of my close buddies in college.

See pictures below!

I have to admit something. I am a sucker for greeting cards. Especially homemade ones. I just love getting mail. I get so excited at the holidays when people send out Christmas cards. I line them up on my hallway table and admire them. This year, I sent out valentines to close friends. Just because. There's nothing better than going to your mailbox and finding an unexpected card waiting for you. In this age of e-mail, I start forgetting what a real honest-to-goodness handwritten note looks like. And they are so much better because you get to see the individual's handwriting and their personality in what card or stationary they choose. It's wonderful. I say....BRING BACK THE HANDWRITTEN LETTER/CARD!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I recently blogged about my family friend Ginger who passed away and how her family found her New Year's Resolutions for 2005 and read them at the funeral. One of her resolutions was about staying in contact with people and being sure to send them cards on special occasions. This was something Ginger was good at. Staying in touch.

It's not something I'm good at. Even though I cherish my friends so much and think about them often during my day, I'm not always good at writing and calling them. And that's a terrible thing because it is so easy to let your friends slip away.

I've been trying to reconnect with my friend Brad and I have not been successful. Brad and I have been friend since high school and even ended up going to college together. He is very dear to me and I miss him.

I also miss another dear friend named Dave who I met in college. He moved to Colorado a year before I did and he was my closest friend here until he and his wife moved away. Now, they are living happily in Boston where they are expecting their first child. I am so happy I heard from Dave a few days ago because I have really felt the loss of his presence in my life.

My friend Genevieve up in DC is the best person I know at keeping in touch with people. She is one hell of a constant friend and I love her for that. We met in our sorority back in college and she is great at not only keeping in touch but remembering and marking special occasions.

I want to be a better friend to those who are far away from me. That is going to be one of my New Year's Resolutions. In honor of Ginger.