Monday, July 15, 2019

Moving to Instagram

I started blogging in 2003. Wow. That's a long time ago!!!

Back in the dark ages of blogging, many of us viewed blogs as online journals. And that is where mine started.

This was before I was married and before I was a mom! Facebook was just gaining traction when I became a mom. Hard to believe.

As the years passed, this blog morphed from a personal journal into more of a book blog as I gave myself room to explore my passion/profession.  Eventually, I created a side blog called Crafting by Candlelight where I focused on my creative adventures.

I loved those early years of blogging! The world was still small enough that you could really make connections. I miss the days of creative swaps where different blogs would host swaps and you would have a chance to send some snail mail goodness out into the world! This was also a golden age of creative conferences and craft weekends.

As those things fell away and blogs became more about monetizing and influencing, I started to lose interest. I missed the community and connection. It has been really hard for me to keep up with blogging.

So, as the world changes, so must I.

I am dipping my toe into sharing mini book reviews on Instagram. This will be interspersed within my personal account. I am not interested in monetizing or focusing on gaining followers. I just want to share my deep and abiding love of books with you.

I hope you will stop by occasionally!

You can also find my book posts by using #LBCReads

Happy Reading, Friends!