Thursday, July 24, 2008

July Reads (so far)

Baby keeps me busy but I try to get a little reading time in each day. I find I am attracted to "chick lit" having to do with suburbia and motherhood these days.

TEN-YEAR NAP by Wolitzer
BELONG TO ME -de los Santos

Both the Wolitzer and de los Santos books fall into the suburban motherhood category and I enjoyed both. The SISTER was a gothic tale that offers a VERY ambiguous ending. It reminded me a bit of the THIRTEENTH TALE. If anyone else reads this, please let me know! I need to discuss it with someone. STORY OF A MARRIAGE was an interesting perspective on marriage in the post-WWII era. Not my favorite book but interesting nonetheless.


Genevieve said...

have you read the first Marisa de los Santos book about Cordelia? I think I liked it more than Belong to Me...

Bookfool said...

You're back!! And, you're reading! Yay! I've missed your posts, Amy. :)