Tuesday, April 07, 2009

DREAM HOUSE by Valerie Laken

I originally picked up DREAM HOUSE because it was my understanding that it was ghost story. It isn't. At least, not it the traditional sense. DREAM HOUSE follows the effects of one house on several of its inhabitants.

Kate decides to buy a classic money-pit fixer-upper unaware that a murder was committed there twenty years before. As she begins her dream of fixing up the house, her marriage crumbles and the house draws two men from its past into Kate's life. The story is told from several different perspectives among the many people that have connections to the house. It is not so much a tale of the consequences of murder but a tale of the connections that people have to specific places.

The story spoke to me because having a home has always been important to me. I long to be homeowner again so I can put down roots. I believe many of the characters in the book feel the same way. A home becomes a living breathing thing to each of them. Because I was expecting something a bit more sinister, I was disappointed. The conclusion felt a bit unsatisfying. However, if you have every felt strong ties to a house, you will empathize with the characters in the story.

BOTTOM LINE: Marginally recommended. The story and characters are interesting but I expected a lot more.


Literary Feline said...

That's too bad this one wasn't better. It sure sounds interesting. I may have to give it a try--just keep my expectations low.

Amy said...

Litty Kitty--It did have some good aspects. I think the fact that it was marketed incorrectly tarnished it for me. You may find something about it that you really like.