Monday, July 26, 2010

Never Say Never

I swore I would never try to monetize my blogs in any way but with the recent changes in my circumstances, I thought I would try out a few new tactics.  I have joined IndieBound as an affiliate. I am a big believer in independent bookstores so I feel good about this association.

What this means for my readers....

In every book review, I will include a link in case you would like to purchase the book being reviewed.  The link will take you to IndieBound.  If you buy the book, I will receive a small referral fee.

I don't expect to generate much income through this but every little bit helps right now. Plus, it could help fund my book habit!!!


Gary said...

Hooray! I've always thought this was a good idea. It's possible to monetize with integrity, which you're proving. Good luck!

Love the new banner!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for the link to your blog! I've enjoyed reading your book reviews and I love your new idea for funding your habit! :)
-Sarah from Create Studio

Amy said...

Sarah--Thank you so much! I'm glad I could give back to you a little because I enjoy your blog so much! Especially your posts on your craft club. Good luck with your bedrest!!!!


Anonymous said...
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