Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Each year I set myself the same reading goal---to read 52 books during the year.  An average of one book per week.  Well, I hit my goal in October!  I am currently at 55 books completed for 2011. Not bad.  If I can find the missing galleys I was in the middle of, I will be on track to have quite a few more finished before the end of the year.

I love using Goodreads to track my reading.  I tried using LibraryThing but I think it is much clunkier.  Goodreads is great for posting review, tracking your books, storing titles for future reading and networking with other readers.  Plus, I often can't resist taking a few of their reader quizzes.

I'm currently blazing through THE FLIGHT OF GEMMA HARDY which is a modern retelling of JANE EYRE. I have also finally gotten around to reading FREEDOM by Jonathan Franzen and I'm about a quarter of the way through that one. Hopefully, I'll get some good reading done this weekend.

If you are looking for something good to read this Veterans' Day weekend, why not try MATTERHORN? I'm not one for war books but I could not get this one out of my mind.  One of the best of 2010.

Happy reading!

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Felicia said...

way to go on hitting and surpassing your goal! I'll have to check out Matterhorn.