Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher.

I love the way Matthew Pearl so skillfully weaves mystery with historical fiction.  In THE TECHNOLOGISTS, Pearl focuses on the inaugural class of MIT.  When mysterious disasters begin to plague Boston, right in the midst of controversy over technology vs. humanity and the founding of the new Massachusetts Institute of Technology, members of first MIT graduating class find themselves drawn into the mystery.  The students must use their skills to discover who is behind the terrorist-like disasters plaguing Boston before he strikes again.

Pearl's mysteries are always dense and satisfying.  He paces them well and I love the historical angle.  I knew little about the origins of MIT and it was fascinating to see the controversy that its inception brought about within Boston and the threat that so many people saw not only in the college but also in technology itself.  The diversity of characters was wonderful.  One of them is even based on the first woman to matriculate at MIT.  The use of technology as terrorism provides an intriguing basis for the story.  Some readers may find the pace a little slow.  Pearl likes to take his time with his mysteries and goes into great detail with his characters and the setting.  I happen to like this about Pearl's books.

BOTTOM LINE: Recommended. A satisfying read for Pearl fans and those new to his work as well.  A fun look at the origins of MIT and the technology vs humanity controversy set in post-Civil War Boston.  Plus a mystery!!!

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