Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I cried two times because of books last Sunday.  Both were picture books. The first one to make me cry was THE TEDDY BEAR by David McPhail. It gets me every time I read it and I have been reading it for seven years.  The second one is new--THE FANTASTIC FLYING BOOKS OF MR. MORRIS LESSMORE by William Joyce.  I am already a fan of William Joyce's wonderfully whimsical works.  I adored his first picture book entry into his GUARDIANS OF CHILDHOOD series---THE MAN IN THE MOON.  I knew this newest Joyce offering was going to be great and I was not disappointed.

This picture book inspired Joyce's Academy award-winning animated short film of the same name.  The film is absolutely gorgeous.  Spend fifteen minutes watching it right now:

It is clear how Joyce was inspired by the destruction wrought in his Louisiana home by Hurricane Katrina.  Joyce wanted to convey the curative power of books in the face of such devastation.  In the story, Morris becomes a caretaker of books after a similar disaster.  He spend his days caring for the books and connecting them with people who need their inspiration.  It becomes his life's work. The images are absolutely gorgeous and anyone who has ever loved a book will get carried away by the story. I had Noodlebug watch the animated short first before we read the book.  The film adds a little bit to the story and rounds it out. 

I am already trying to figure out if I have the sewing skills to make a Halloween costume for myself based on this image:

If you are a fellow bibliophile (and I'm sure you are or you wouldn't be here), I am confident that you have experienced the sensation of being carried away by a book.

I recommend this wonderful picture book for adults and children alike. 

BOTTOM LINE: Highly recommended. A gorgeous picture book with a wonderfully whimsical story that finds a way to put sad life events into a beautiful bigger picture.  For anyone who has ever loved a book...

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Susan said...

Wasn't it lovely? Sam at Book Chase also put this on his blog, that's where I saw it first. I have to say I cried too. It's lovely and true and I love the devotion to books that comes through it, as well as the wonder.