Wednesday, September 12, 2012

HOW DOES SLEEP COME? by Jeanne C. Blackmore

I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher.

Many families love to read together right before bedtime. It is the perfect way to spend a little time snuggling and winding down. I am always on the lookout for new bedtime books to read so I was really excited to have to the opportunity to review Jeanne C. Blackmore's new bedtime story HOW DOES SLEEP COME?

When Jacob asks his Mama, "How does sleep come?," the two of them embark upon a wonderful bedtime journey.  Mama comes up with a variety of lovely similes to describe how sleep comes.  With each page, sleep reveals a new aspect of itself as the little boy is drawn further and further into sleep.  Noodlebug and I each had our favorite pages.  With its beautiful illustrations and lovely descriptive imagery, this makes a very sweet and peaceful bedtime read.

Jeanne C. Blackmore grew up in a family of storytellers and shares her inspiration for this book:

I am the youngest of four children, and grew up in the 1970's.  Thus, most of my recollections are viewed through the cultural lens of that time period.  As you might imagine, in every recalled scene, my siblings and I are wearing bellbottoms.  Mine feature red, white and blue vertical stripes.  My brothers all have long hair with windswept bangs, and my sister's long hair hangs down to her waist, pin straight. What I remember most about my childhood is words.  In my family, for every situation, we relish finding and using the best words.  The process of finding the words is as enjoyable as presenting them once they are found.  We cannot help ourselves.  Words are the currency in which we trade, the ocean in which we swim, the place we feel most at ease.  I recall my childhood dinner table conversations as a beehive of words buzzing back and forth across the table, each person trying to get their words in edgewise, to grab the stage and tell the funniest story or turn the cleverest phrase.  As the youngest, there was always the stress of trying to outdo my older siblings.  They were so much faster and smarter!  It was impossible to keep up.  On the flip side, they were so funny!  Most especially, my brother Marc could tell stories that would make me laugh so hard my sides would ache and leave me begging for more.  Just one more!  And, I guess, that sums up what it is like to grow up in a family of always want one more story.  And it better be as good as the last one.

BOTTOM LINE:  Recommended.  This is a lovely book that appeals to both adults and children alike.  A perfect bedtime read.
Check back here on Tuesday, September 18 for a giveaway opportunity when Noodlebug and I share our favorite parts of this book!!!!


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