Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Biblioholics Anonymous

I dearly love my book collection.  I haven't counted in awhile but I'm guessing I have somewhere in the region of 1000 hardcover books. The majority of them are signed first editions. We moved into a new rental home last year and did so pretty major downsizing.  I still have many of my books in boxes because I don't have enough room to put them on shelves. Because of that fact (and our ongoing financial troubles), I have decided to weed my collection.

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I'm going to start selling off the bulk of my books. I have 44 listed so far and I plan to list about ten a week. The holiday season is coming up!!! If you would like to own part of the Life by Candlelight collection, visit my Alibris storefront.  I sell under the name of "Biblioholics Anonymous."

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