Thursday, February 21, 2013

GHANA MUST GO by Taiye Selasi

I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher.

GHANA MUST GO opens with the sudden death of respected surgeon Kweku Sai at his home in Accra.  This unexpected death has far-reaching repercussions as news of his demise reaches his family.  This event has a profound effect on his children and his ex-wife.  GHANA MUST GO is an unusual family drama in that this death is the impetus for each family member to reflect on both their individual choices and the events that led to the dissolution of the family as a whole.  As Kweku's four children gather together, we are given insight into their secrets and the difficult choices and events that shaped them. We see flashbacks of the family when it was complete and marvel at how such a seemingly happy family could have fallen apart.  As the family gathers at Kweku's ex-wife's home in Ghana, everyone must face their demons and learn a new path forward.

This is a beautifully-written book. While I wouldn't say it was particularly enjoyable to read, I found myself caught up in this family's drama. There is an overarching sadness to their story and the reader can't help but feel melancholy at the opportunities lost and at a family broken.  It is the tragic event of Kweku's death, however, that has the potential to bring long-held secrets to light and to give the family a chance to reconcile and start over.

BOTTOM LINE: Recommended.  An interesting family drama about the things that tear us apart and the unexpected ways we can be brought together once again.

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