Thursday, August 01, 2013

August Read: THE BIG DISCONNECT by Catherine Steiner-Adair and Teresa H. Barker

Although I am not anti-technology, I would like to see a lot less of it in our lives. I believe that computers at school belong in a lab and not in a classroom. At this time, our 5-yr-old son does not use a computer or tablet and only gets to use educational apps on my smartphone on very rare occasions.  I care much more about him engaging with the world and in creative play.  Technology is fairly intuitive and I'm not worried about him being "left behind."  This book is brand new and I have really been looking forward to reading it.  I hope it offers lots of topics for discussion.

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Literary Feline said...

I am curious about this book, although confess I'm already feeling guilty just reading the description--and my daughter's only 2 1/2!