Monday, October 03, 2016

FILL THE SKY by Katherine Sherbrooke

(I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher)

I think that sometimes a book will find you at just the right moment in your life. Sometimes, we have to be in a particular frame of mind in order to be open to a story. I think FILL THE SKY came at just the right moment for me.

FILL THE SKY follows three forty-something friends who have been friends since they were college roommates. Tess is an independent biotech entrepreneur who has a hard time letting people in. Joline is a life coach who deeply believes in new age methods of healing. Ellie is a wife and mother who is dying of lung cancer. The three friends head to Ecuador on a quest to visit traditional healers who may be able to help heal Ellie. Each of the women comes to Ecuador with an important life choice to make.

I loved the fact that this book focused on forty-something women. It can be hard to find books like that these days. Each of the women was strong and powerful in her own way and brought unique gifts to the journey. I loved seeing how each woman struggled with her own problems while on this quest for healing. Sherbrooke shared the healing ceremonies in a way that made them seem beautiful instead of hokey. While each woman had to confront some painful truths while on the journey, I loved how the book had an underlying sense of hope. I found the ending to be tremendously satisfying.

BOTTOM LINE: Recommended. This is a lovely story of friendship and healing. All of the characters were sympathetic and interesting and the setting was so appealing that it made me want to jump on a plane to Ecuador. Save this one for fireside or vacation reading.

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