Monday, July 14, 2003

So, I am not even a remotely superstitious person. I don't believe in fortune-telling or astrology or any of that stuff. But I did have my palm read yesterday. I watched my friend have it done and the man was suprisingly accurate so I thought I'd see what he came up with for me. He began by saying that unlike my friend, I was born with a great deal of wisdom because I have reincarnated several times. He said I tend to be guarded with people because of bad experiences in my past lives. Huh. He said that even though I am generally very open with people, I still hold a lot back which makes me mysterious. The more people get to know me the more confused they become. He said I would probably marry with two kids but my marriage would be difficult. He said I have two career lines which means I will probably have one career in early life and then change. The second career will probably be something in public speaking or the arts. He said maybe theater. And then he said he felt I had a tendency to try and please people. That I often try too hard to please everyone and I should ease up. It was interesting. Who knows?

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