Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Sorry I haven't written in awhile. Funny how life gets in the way.

My friend Caroline lost her battle with cancer on Saturday morning. It is just so heartbreaking. I remember working with Caroline my very first day with the library. She was a person who loved to laugh and I remember her reassuring me that I would eventually figure everything out. I was so worried that I would never understand the circulation system. Coming to work and finding Caroline there was always a lovely surprise. She moved around the different branches and you never knew when she might show up. I so enjoyed chatting and laughing with her. It seems like we lost her so quickly. There wasn't time to say goodbye. And now her baby is in the hospital and he will never know his mom. Caroline's memorial service is tomorrow night. Please send out a prayer for her family.

It almost seems as if there should be some outward manifestation of grief when someone dies. It doesn't make sense that I look out the window right now and the sun is shining and people are going about their business. Library patrons come in and pester us while we are all dealing with our grief and we can't yell at them, "Hey, give us a break! We just lost a friend!" And yet, the realization of life and renewal is also present in such things as the arrival of my boss with her six month old baby. He is so beautiful. Maybe someday someone will bring Caroline's baby to the library so that we can all meet him. I'd like that.

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