Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I spent the weekend with my honey who came in town for the occasion. We had a lovely weekend together.

I have found that since I have been with Gary, I have become a total ball of mush when it comes to love. I used to pooh pooh marriage and romance. But now, I find myself surreptitiously checking out bridal magazines and getting weepy over romantic films. What has happened to me?! (Ellen--I think your prayer group worked. Thank you.)

*spoiler alert*
Recently, I watched "Shall We Dance?" which was a sweet but mediocre film. However, there is a scene in the movie where Richard Gere's character goes to the department store where his wife works. It is after hours and she is working on a display when her husband appears coming up the escalator in a tux with a rose. He asks her to dance and when she tells him that she doesn't know how, he responds, "We've been dancing together for nineteen years!"
And then they dance around the department store.

I started sobbing and couldn't stop. It just seemed so beautiful to me that a couple could be married for nineteen years and the husband could make a romantic gesture like that. It was wonderful!

So, I leave you with that for Valentine's Day and hope that love follows you wherever you it familial, romantic or the very best in friendship.


Genevieve said...

That scene was good. Have you seen the original Japanese version of the movie? I'd like to, only Netflix doesn't carry it.

Malady said...

I saw the original many years ago and don't remember much of it other than that I liked it. Probably your best bet is your local library. They tend to carry older films.