Thursday, February 10, 2005

So, yesterday was Ash Wednesday. I didn't get to participate in any church activities since I was working all day. But I've always really liked Ash Wednesday because of the public witness that it provides. Anyone can wear a cross. Some people even wear crosses as jewelry. You don't even have to be a practicing Christian to wear a cross. But Ash Wednesday is a whole different scenario.

When you go to church in the morning and get the ash put on your forehead and then walk around all day with it, your actions are really saying something. One of my co-workers saw a gentleman walk into the library with ash on his forehead and she said, "What the heck is on that guy's forehead?!"

Most people just don't get it. And the idea of walking around with a big smudge on your forehead all day is mortifying to a lot of people. But I love it because it's a public declaration of faith. And I like that.

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Genevieve said...

I was always confused by Ash Wednesday. Because right before it, they do that reading about don't go around bragging about how you went to church and that makes you better than someone else. And I always felt like the wearing of the ashes was a symbol like "I went to church today; I'm better than you" since you wear it all day long. I always wiped them off, but I haven't been to Ash Wednesday since like, high school.