Wednesday, April 27, 2005

So, my own personal extreme makeover has begun.

Next week, I am finally going to get laser eye surgery. I'm really nervous about it but I'm also excited. I just hope nothing goes wrong.

It is also time to fix my teeth. I've already had braces twice and it looks like I'm headed for the third time. I am not a candidate for Invisilign because my teeth are so bad. So, I guess I will have metal braces AGAIN at 30 years old. This is kind of a difficult decision because if Gary and I get married next summer as planned, I'm going to have to figure out what to do. Looks like we'll have to take them off just for the wedding. Sigh.

I have also started Weight Watchers and I'm getting ready to begin again on a regular exercise plan. I'm tired of carrying all this weight around. If only I didn't love food so much.

So, this is the beginning. We'll see what happens. I figure turning 30 is a good time for a physical overhaul.

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Anonymous said...

You can get those braces that are white in color and barely visible.
Trust me - you don't want to take them off for a few days then put them on again.