Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well, wedding planning ain't easy. But most of you probably already know that. I just spent a stressful weekend in California trying to find a wedding location. We found one but it was an uphill battle to get the logistics figured out. I really don't want my mother and Gary to get stressed out but it seems like that is unavoidable. I'm really trying my best to keep the stress level down by trying not to be too demanding and difficult.

We have a library volunteer who has been here for years. Now, he is on a walker and always comes close to falling down because we have crates everywhere and carts of books. It is really getting too dangerous for him to volunteer but we are just so afraid to tell him. As the years have passed, we keep trying to find easier things for him to do as he becomes more feeble but we are running out of ideas. He lives alone and doesn't really have anyone to take care of him. I know he has friends and church members that help him out. But I looked at him today in his dirty clothing and it made me think about what it must be like to age alone. No one to help you wash your clothes, buy groceries, do your taxes. And I think some of these elderly feel like it is too much of an imposition to ask for help. And then most nursing homes run about $3000 per week. At least! It's a scary thought.

I feel much better now knowing that if anything happens to me, Gary will look out for my mom. But it's a good idea to start planning because I would never want a loved one to lack the care they deserve.

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Mother of the Bride said...

I just spent a stressful week in California trying to find the perfect spot for a wedding location. Maybe it was the fact that I was on unfamiliar roads, in an unfamiliar car, in cold rain, but I think it is more likely that I was in unfamiliar territory--I have never looked for a place for the joy of my life to have the wedding that she and Gary deserve. I knew that, as of Friday night, I didn't have IT. Now that is stressful. A really great second choice, but no PERFECT.

Then we, together, found it. As it should be. How significant. I was the one who had predicted that it would be a place heretofore unresearched. Gary was the one who asked the right question of our event manager.

And then----the close call of having it not work out. And then----it did work out. How very symbolic.

Amy is not being demanding and/or difficult. Gary and I are feeling the stress because of the magnitude of this decision. (And, at this point, money is only one small stressor! You have heard of Everything's a Dollar stores? Wedding stuff is bought at Everything's a Thousand Dollar stores.) You just want PERFECT sometime in your life. And the wedding of the joy of your life is one of those times.

Now we can move on to the really good stuff. We can start looking forward to our friends and family attending a great time in Sonoma. "Y'all come!!"