Friday, February 10, 2006

Small Town Life

I have lived in two of the biggest cities in the nation. Now, I live in a town of 54,000. And it's a switch. But I kind of like it so far. I thought it would feel stifling but it doesn't. I live one mile from downtown. I could easily walk or bike. The town is cute full of antique stores and little restaurants. And the first movie theater pulled into town last year. Whoopee!

It has been a change having to drive to the next town for a Target or a Bed, Bath and Beyond but it just require more organization. My days are filled with such adventures as "Finding the Post Office" and "Finding a Walgreen's." Next week, I may even attempt "Getting a Driver's License." Whew! So many things to think about. And now it's almost tax season on top of everything else.

I'm trying to pace myself and not feel overwhelmed. I took yesterday off. Drove to Santa Rosa to see the Charles Schulz museum which was very cute. I may even drive the Mrs. Grossman's sticker factory soon to see if they have any new stickers. I'm going to try and do one fun thing each day and not focus too much on organizing and unpacking. It will get done.


gatsbyanddaisy said...

Are you going to work in California?

Malady said...

Yes, I am working on updating my resume right now and I have started looking for jobs. I want to switch to non-profits. I will probably work part-time until after the wedding. It will be the first time in my life that I haven't worked full-time. But I have to work. Not only do we need the money but I also enjoy working.