Monday, March 06, 2006

There and Back Again

Well, I went back to Denver last week. I spent the week cleaning my house and preparing it to put on the market. I was very lucky that my mom came out and helped because it was a very big job.

I have a new appreciate for all the space and light in my house. And my nice big comfy bed. But I don't think I will be as sad to see it go as I thought I would. I certainly won't miss all the stairs. And a smaller place is easier to clean and harder to fill with clutter. But I think it's time to let my house go.

I bought my house soon after my father's death and it was the setting for my adult dating life. I think it's fitting that I start over in a new place for the next phase of my life. It scares me to let it go because it is the one tangible thing I own. I will feel a bit un-moored without it. But it will be okay. Soon, Gary and I will find a home of our own to begin our lives in. And once the house sells, I can really focus on my new life.

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