Wednesday, October 22, 2008

INTO THE FOREST by Jean Hegland

A friend of mine at work lent this book to me and it proved to be a very quick read. INTO THE FOREST explores the lives of two sisters (ages 18 and 17) who are left to fend for themselves in a semi-apolcalpytic world. They live in a house on the edge of a forest thirty miles from the edge of town and manage to survive by growing their own food and making use of the "junk" their father accumulated while alive. In the midst of their efforts, tragedy strikes and the girls must decide whether to take their chances on the road or to remain on the edge of the forest.

This was a good quick read although it often felt as if the story was developed too quickly and was often simplistic. I feel that the author could have done a lot more. However, the book really makes you think about what you would do in a similar situation. It made me want to run out and read ANIMAL VEGETABLE MIRACLE again so I could learn to be self-sustaining. This would be a great companion book for McCarthy's THE ROAD. You could make it a weekend of apocalyptic reading.

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Purl said...

I read this a few years ago for a book club and had the same reaction. I've enjoyed all your book reviews and have been adding to my library queue.