Monday, February 08, 2010


Sometimes, it is fun to think about winning the lottery. My husband buys regular lottery tickets. I don't. Although I did buy a ticket in a local house raffle.  I was doing a little daydreaming and decided to figure out how much my ideal lottery winnings would be.


Enough money to pay off all debt including student loans and car loan.
Set aside money for Noodlebug's college education.
Set aside money for minimum 5 years nursing home or equivalent needs for my mom.
Enough money to buy a house in the expensive area I live in.

$1.5 million would do it with money leftover.  I would donate some of the leftover and put the rest into savings and look for part-time work so I could be more of a stay-at-home mom but still contribute to our household funds.  In the great lottery world, $1.5 million doesn't seem like too much to ask for.  Does it?

The house raffle I entered would pay out $1.6 million before taxes if you chose that option instead of the fancy house.  The drawing is Feb.20.

It's a nice daydream anyhow.


Gary said...

I think it all sounds splendid. And I wish you good luck because somebody's going to win it, right? Might as well be you.

Diane said...

We have this daydream constantly Amy. This week we won $7.00. Not exactly what we were dreaming of but maybe next week ...LOL

Good luck

Amy said...

Diane---It doesn't cost anything to dream, right? And hey! $7 covers more than two Starbucks visits for me so that would be great!!!!