Friday, August 06, 2010

In Progress...

I am almost done with all my library books and I will be moving back to my stack of galleys. Quite a few landed on my doorstep over the last week and I will list them here later today.  I am almost done reading Goodman's COOKBOOK COLLECTOR which has been a little underwhelming.  I am also reading a galley of THE OUTER BANKS HOUSE by Diann Ducharme. 

It has been a very cool summer here in Northern California which is a mixed blessing. I am a very heat intolerant person. (perhaps from 22 years of growing up in Texas)  So, I don't miss the extreme heat. However, Summer should be a warm time of playing outdoors and going swimming and it has actually been too cool for many activities.  Not to mention the fact that the okra and tomatoes in our garden are screaming for warmth.  We have one month of summer left so the weather better cooperate!!!

I hope you are all having a great summer wherever you are. Check back here later for a list of new galleys.

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