Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update


I do manage to pack a lot into two days!

Noodlebug and I started the day at his weekly Spanish class.  Then, we took him to the California Academy of Science on Saturday for CAT IN THE HAT day. The local PBS station was promoting the new "CAT IN THE HAT Knows a Lot About That' show with a variety of activities and an appearance by the Cat in the Hat himself.  We completed a scavenger hunt and won Noodlebug a Cat in the Hat hat.  He looked adorable in it, of course.

In spite of all of the activity, Noodlebug declined to take a nap. I fear our days of napping are over.  Still, he was his happy active self until bedtime.  I checked in on him before I went to bed and he was sleeping peacefully. My husband (who was still awake) woke me at 11:45pm to tell me that Noodle had just thrown up.  My poor baby was wracked with fever and his little teeth were chattering. He finally stopped throwing up around 2am and asked to be put in his crib with a sippy cup of water.  I made a pallet next to his bed and lay there listening to him and checking on him all night. 

The whole family dragged out of bed around 9:45am the next morning. Hubby and I were convinced we would be taking Noodle to the doctor or the emergency room. Instead, he was bouncing about the house in much better shape than either of us were.  The recuperative powers of children are amazing.  I can't say the same for myself. The lack of sleep and the mass of worry brought on a migraine. Still, I managed to bundle up the family and make it to my League's Bocce Ball Fundraiser.  Noodle and I relaxed courtside while Daddy played.  It was a beautiful day even if I wasn't fully engaged.

Caught a snippet of the Emmys last night before I passed out. (Hooray MODERN FAMILY and MAD MEN!)

I was thinking about a recent post by Crystal about her own kids being sick.  It is a horrible horrible thing to see your little one sick and suffering.  But this stomach bug came and went.  There are so many parents out there with children who have major illnesses that their children may not recover from.  I was definitely counting my blessings that I have such a healthy child.  If this is the worst we get, then we are very blessed indeed.


Is it really Monday already?   I think I missed a day somewhere.


Marie said...

I think having a sick child must just be a terrible thing to go through. I feel for the parents and the kids.

Victoria's Voice said...

The kiddos do seem to recoup faster. I am glad he is feeling better. Love his nickname by the way. Too darling.


Gary said...

Sounds like a really nice weekend, Amy. But I'm sorry Aidan was sick and I'm glad he bounced back so quickly.

Been missing you. Will probably call you tonight.