Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alphabet Glue and Other Inspiration

Books are sacred in our house.  Noodlebug doesn't have much choice when it comes to being a booklover.  At almost three, he has a book collection to rival any adult's.  I am always looking for ways to engage him in reading and I was excited to see that Annie over at Bird and Little Bird has created the first issue of an e-zine called ALPHABET GLUE that includes "activities and inspiration for kids who love books." 

Annie is a special education and literacy teacher and has come up with some really fun activities for kids in the first issue including Mix and Match Story Cards and a Library Scavenger Hunt. I bought a copy of the first issue and can't wait to try some of the activities out with Noodlebug. I consider this inspiration a bargain at $4.  Get your own issue here.

I also picked up a copy of PEAK WITH BOOKS which is part of the Moving Beyond the Page homeschooling curriculum.   It is a literature-based interdisciplinary program for preschoolers.  Although some of the activities are too advanced for Noodlebug right now, we are starting to read the books from the program so that he will be familiar with them. I am also trying to institute a monthly visit to the library to pick out books. We won't be homeschooling but I love looking for ways to do enrichment at home. These will be great activities in that in-between time between coming home and eating dinner.  (when we aren't outside, of course!)

How do you get the children in your life engaged with books?

I owe you some reviews and I promise they are coming.  I got derailed by Spring Break but I DID get some reading done.  Hope you are all well!

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