Friday, May 06, 2011

LBC Library Appreciation Month

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This month at Life By Candlelight, we will be celebrating the public library. I'm going to set aside my pile of galleys and Advance Reading Copies and focus on library books.  I got a really great pile of library books a week ago and I am attempting to plow my way through it.  None of them are renewable so I may not finish them all but here are a few in the pile:

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES by Deborah Harkness
TIGER, TIGER by Margaux Fragoso
THE PEACH KEEPER by Sarah Addison Allen
THE TRAGEDY OF ARTHUR by Arthur Phillips

I have also been pleased at all the wonderful programs going on at our local library.  So many wonderful events and speakers and it's ALL FREE!!! Fits perfectly into my budget.

I encourage you to head to your local library this month and see what treasures you can unearth.


Marie said...

Great post, Amy. For a librarian I don't borrow nearly enough books!

Amy said...

I spent five years working at a public library and now five years at an academic library. I still feel I don't get to the public library enough. We're going to try to go more often as a family.