Tuesday, July 24, 2012

GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

I love a good mystery but I have found myself disappointed by this genre in recent years.  There doesn't seem to be anything new to say in the mystery world.  Everything felt like rehashing old material.  That is why I was pleasantly surprised when I finally got the opportunity to read GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn.

On the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick's wife Amy disappears.  It looks as if there has been a struggle in their house but there is no body.  Nick quickly becomes the prime suspect in the case. The book moves back and forth between telling the events from Nick's perspective and then relating details from Amy's diary.  Just when you think you have an idea about what is really going on, everything changes.   Where is Amy?  Did Nick do something to her? If not, what happened to her?  As details unfold, we learn that this seemingly perfect marriage is not so perfect behind closed doors.  Flynn slowly reveals details about the couple that keep changing the reader's mind about what really happened and who the bad guys are. 

I loved the fact that this story wasn't a cut and dry mystery with good guys and bad guys.  Some will find the ending bothersome but I liked the fact that things don't always end up the way we expect them to.  One of the characters in the book is truly chilling. When this book is made into a movie (the rights have already been bought), I predict this character will become a legendary scary movie villain.

BOTTOM LINE: Highly recommended. An unusual mystery that will keep you guessing. Perfect for a vacation read.

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Susan said...

I have been hearing so many good things about this book! I really want to read it. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it so much, this makes me want to read it even more. It's lovely to find a mystery that makes you think there are still good ones being written now, isn't it?