Friday, April 18, 2014


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I mentioned in a previous post how we had recently discovered Bobbledy Books and were loving it!  We were so excited to receive the next book in our subscription!  My son has been crazy about ninjas lately as he has learned about them from other kids at school.  I am not fond of ninjas so I had to laugh when we opened the Bobbledy Books envelope and saw the title of the book.

In a series of comical vignettes, this clever book shows kids that even though it may feel as if they have it hard with all the difficult things they have to face, adults often have to face tough stuff too.

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I especially like the pages at the end of the book where children are advised all about special ninja rules that parents are sure to love!!!

BOTTOM LINE: Highly recommended!  Bobbledy Books has been such a find! The books are so whimsical and fun.  We always look forward to getting our subscription in the mail. You can purchase the books individually in their store. This one is $12.00.  You can buy it here.

**I do NOT receive compensation in any form for this review.  I am simply a subscriber and fan of Bobbledy Books.**

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