Monday, November 29, 2004

So, Thanksgiving is over and it went well. My mom and Gary got to meet and I got to have my friends over for dinner. And that's always fun. Now comes the inevitable letdown after bustling activity. My house feels really quiet and my job feels intolerable.

I need a new job. If anyone knows any good websites, books, etc on how to find a nonprofit job, let me know. I just can't stand being at the library anymore. I'm constantly in a bad mood and I snap at customers. I'm becoming one of those grouchy DMV people.

Gary gave me my Christmas present early and I am now the proud owner of an iPOD. I love it! It can hold 10,000 songs so I'm not likely to fill it up anytime soon. All I want to do is just sit in front of my computer and download songs for my iPOD. I even got it this cute pink leather protective cover. I'm going to have lots and lots of fun with it.


Genevieve said...

Email me re: the job search. I have some ideas for you.

mywifeisawhore said...

A great way to break into non-profit jobs is to begin by volunteering. It can also help smooth out the frustration you feel at your current job by giving you something positive to focus on and enjoy doing, in the meantime. Craigslist has a great volunteer opportunity section as well as a non-profit category in the employment listings. Check out your local Volunteer Centers of America - many charitable organizations list volunteer, internship and staff positions through them. Good luck!

Amy M. said...

Hey Taddeo. Thanks for checking in. I currently volunteer with the Junior League, League of Women Voters, the Zoo and the Children's Hospital. Not to mention the work I do at my church. So I am definitely currently exploring the volunteer route. I'm hoping some good networking comes out of all of this.