Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well, the library staff is very quiet today. I think we are all hurt and demoralized by the turn of events. I guess this is really hard for me because I worked so hard on this campaign. I cared enough to host fundraising parties, attend rallies and go door to door canvassing. How many of you Bush supporters can say you cared enough to do that?

Time will tell what will happen. I predict we will engage in other wars no one understands simply for the agenda and profit of Bush and his cronies. (Halliburton seems to be making lots of money off Iraq already so Bush can check that off his list) More Americans will die on foreign soil for reasons none of us can understand. The poor will get poorer. Unemployment will be higher. Gays will be persecuted more than ever. The draft will be reinstated. (and now they are saying it will include women ages 18-34) And we WILL be attacked again because the world hates us now.

The nation voted for Bush because they felt he was the "moral" choice. Well, if you want to vote for a leader on the basis of his stance on abortion and gay marriage and how much he publicizes his church attendance, then you voted for the right person. Because, after all, that's all we really need in a leader, right?

But Kerry is also a Christian. He just doesn't use it for political gain. And sometimes morality means more than just being anti-abortion. How about programs for the poor? Better education? Better healthcare? More equality? Basic domestic issues that Bush chooses to ignore in the name of flashy media-grabbing wars. Bush does not speak to the lowest common denominator. As he has said many times, his "base" consists of the wealthiest elite. He doesn't care about you. You don't have enough money to mean anything to him.

So, congratulations Bush supporters. You got us four more years of benefits for the elite few. I hope it was worth it.


Genevieve said...

I am sad today too.

I just wanted to comment on the draft. I am opposed to the draft right now. (I am not always opposed to one, but that's a different story) However, if there is a draft, it MUST include women. Otherwise, we may as well accept our fate as second class citizens.

Amy M. said...

You're absolutely right, Vieve. I only included that because I want Bush supporters to get the full picture of what they voted for.

Genevieve said...

Ah yes, good point. I'm assuming most of the Bush supporters would be appalled by drafting women.