Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It seems that 2005 is going to be a major transitional year. There have been a lot of changes and even more on the way. I've seen two family friends pass away. One friend had a baby. Two more friends are pregnant. Two sets of friends will be selling their homes and moving. Several co-workers have left and the library is experiencing a philosophical switch. My pastor is leaving. I'm starting my life with Gary and will probably move next January. Maybe we are all just at a point in our lives where we are moving to the next stage. And it's hard for me. But the one thing you can count on in life is change. I've been lucky that things have been fairly constant and regular for the past few years. But all that is changing and I'm trying to figure out coping strategies. Especially now that I am having health problems and I'm looking at the possibility of never being able to have children. It's sort of changing how I view the world and my life. Sometimes you never know how much you want something until you are told you can't have it. But I know that Gary will stick by me no matter what. And that is truly a wonderful certainty. Especially when everything else in my world is in flux.

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Scott Trulock just got engaged.--Kelly