Thursday, May 18, 2006


So, I was in the office supply store yesterday and I stood in line behind a woman in a lovely light blue summer dress. It was one layer and made of a very sheer fabric. And her print undies were extremely visible. I wondered if anyone had made her aware of that fact. Should I? Would she be offended? Would she want to know? I think I would want to know. But then, I am the type of person to get a little put out when people point out when the label in my shirt is sticking out. I always think, "Who cares? It's just a shirt label!" So, maybe this woman doesn't care that her underwear is visible. Maybe she is quite comfortable. I couldn't think of a way to help so I just left it alone. What would you have done?


Ellen said...

Kept my mouth shut. And look at it this way... at least she was wearing underwear.

Malady said...

Good point. I guess I'm always so insecure that I have something in my teeth or that my skirt is tucked into my underwear and i don't know it that I always hope someone would tell me. Then again, maybe she knew and just didn't care. There was really no good way to broach the subject. So I let it go.

Genevieve said...

well, I just had a biker tell me my underwear was showing. I sort of knew before and I didn't really care, but once he pointed it out, I was super self concious about it. So maybe she already knows and doesn't care.