Friday, May 19, 2006

Generation Gap

In an effort to meet people and get involved in the community, I joined the local Woman's Club. I attended my second meeting last night where the theme was the history of the Club. The previous meeting I attended was a St. Patrick's Day theme. I am the youngest in the group that I have seen by about 20 years. And I really like it.

For one thing, older women really demonstrate the classic social niceties. Someone ALWAYS comes up to me and introduces herself. I am invited to sit with people and introduced to other members. They make an effort to include you. I have been in the Junior League for several years and have not had that experience. The women there tend to stick together in small groups. No one ever introduces herself or tries to make you feel welcome. It's not on purpose. It's just the way things are.

Growing up an only child, I always spent a lot of time with adults. I practically grew up in my grandparents' church and was always very comfortable around senior citizens. So, it doesn't feel strange to me to be in a group of older women. I enjoy their company. Plus, they have great stories to tell and interesting information about the community. Next month is Scandinavian Night. I'm looking forward to it!

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Genevieve said...

that's really cool. I have found the same thing with Junior League - people are very nice and friendly once I have met them once before, but until then, they will not approach me. If I go to a meeting where I don't know anyone in advance, chances are I will leave still not knowing anyone. but if I have met someone at one of my placement functions or something, she's always super friendly to me when she seems me elsewhere. maybe that should be a lesson to both of us - introduce ourselves to others!