Thursday, May 11, 2006

We Have the Technology

Thank you for your thoughts and advice on our family discord. I agree with Genevieve that sometimes these things need to happen. I think people often hold things inside until they explode. And then the explosion is often about something else other the conversation at hand. But it can still be very damaging. One ends up using all the goodwill he/she has built up. Then, you have to start from scratch. It's just really hard. For everyone involved. And I'm so mad that it happened. And I'm working on trying to fix things but at the same, I have to realize that I can't always fix everything. But we're going try. We can rebuild it and make it better. We have the technology. :)

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Ellen said...

You know, I've been thinking about this. I have no idea what was said and who was in the wrong or anything. I don't know Gary, but I know your mom.... so I am going to consider what's happening from her perspective for a moment.

You are her whole world, and have been for some time. She adores you, and I'm sure probably considers you her best friend. Since your dad passed, you are her entire family. You getting married and starting a new life with Gary is probably really hard for her. It's not surprising that there might be some territorial issues here. It's probably going to be a hard adjustment for her.

She probably just needs to sit down and be reassured by each of you (individually) that she is loved and will always be a huge part of your life. I know that your mom feels things deeply (as you do) and needs to know that she is being heard and is loved.