Thursday, September 28, 2006

Library Girl!

I have been having trouble posting in Blogger so I hope this works.

Well, I am almost finished with my first week at work. I really like my job. It is challenging. Lots of information to learn. But there is a lot of variety. I have been focusing on learning receiving/invoicing this week and then I will shift to cataloging. I was also given a special project. I get to work on processing a special collection of books donated to the library for the rare books room. I really enjoy that. I can use skills from my museum days.

It's strange how the universe keeps pushing me towards books. I worked at Barnes and Noble off and on for several years during college and graduate school. After two years in museums, I was laid off and ended up at a public library with a little help from my friend Greg. I spent five years there. I was hoping to go into non-profits here in California but I ended up in a library again. I love being around books. Especially working in an academic library. As I unpack each box, I get a chance to see all the wonderful things coming into the library. There are so pretty esoteric topics out there! The junior college environment is also nice. I work in a beautiful new library and people are all really nice. We'll see what the coming weeks bring.

No babies yet. We might start trying next year. Gary just turned 45 on Tuesday so we don't want to wait too long. I'll keep you posted...

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