Friday, October 12, 2007

Singer-Songwriters I Know

We went to see two of my musician friends play last night. They are so freakin' talented! It is a joy to hear them play. One of them is Ms. Heather Combs. Heather's band has been voted "Best Band in the Bay Area." Gary and Heather have been friends for years and she even played our first dance song at our wedding last year. The other musician is Mr. Rob Giles. I actually grew up with Rob back in Texas. We went to elementary school together all the way through high school graduation. Coincidentally, he and Heather are buddies from college. Small world! They are both wonderfully talented musicians and I can't wait to hear them both play again at the Live.Music.Now event at the end of the November. It's sure to be wonderful concert event. If you are in the Bay Area, don't miss it!!!

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Gary said...

I listened to some tunes on Heather's site a while back and she is great. And how wild it is that she and Rob are friends. That is amazing!

Having artistic people like Heather and Rob in your life makes life rich, doesn't it?