Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The One About Blogging

I started blogging back in 2003 along with my buddies Genevieve and Ellen (both college buddies). Genevieve's blog is still up and running. Ellen was the first person I knew who had a blog and it was called "Sugar in the Raw." Later, Ellen morphed her blog into the delightful "Reign of Ellen." Her blogs no longer exist and that is a shame for everyone.

I thought a blog would be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. This blog started out as an edited online journal. Over the years, I discovered the many applications of blogs. I realized I needed to edit myself a bit more and became much more general in my writing. I decided to focus my blog on books, politics, and semi-personal matters. I created separate blogs for religious matters and crafting/creativity. And so far, I haven't gotten tired of writing them.

I have seen many blogs come and go. I miss so many of them. It often feels as if I just discover a wonderful blog only to see it disappear. I think this happens for many reasons. First of all, I feel that some people feel pressured to post every day and keep their posts interesting in order to create a following. I briefly worried about raising my "blog traffic" and getting a "readership." But then I started to dread posting. It felt like work. I gave all that up. I don't really care who reads my blog anymore. If someone finds something useful here, that makes me happy. But I'm not looking to post a bunch of ads or try and make money off of my blog. I think some people also get too personal and then they worry about how much of themselves that have put out into the blogosphere. Other people just go through life changes that change their interests. Perhaps you started blogging to fulfill a certain need or purpose and then that need resolves itself in another way.

I only know that I have met wonderful people through blogging. I have learned all about swapping which filled me with joy and rapture. (like having modern-day pen pals!!!) I have found people who share similar interests and life experiences. I have learned lots of fabulous crafty things through tutorials and the publishing of people's work on their blogs. I have found and purchased the work of artists and crafters that now graces my home. I have been inspired to try new things and to think about new ideas. It's a wonderful thing.

So, if you blog, I challenge you to let go of any concerns about keeping up with posting or coming up with interesting material or worrying about advertising or readership or blog rankings. Just follow your bliss and follow the links that your favorite bloggers post because you never know what interesting and wonderful people you will meet.

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