Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Your Most Cherished Family Memory

On my favorite radio show, the Bob and Sheri show, they discussed a quiz out of the book THE BIG BOOK OF RELATIONSHIP QUIZZES. The quiz was focused on the nature of our most cherished family memories.

Let's take it together.

Each of the following words or phrases represents a SCENT memory. Choose your favorite smell:

1)maple syrup

2)spiced apple cider


4)roaring fire

Have you picked one yet?

Okay, here is what they mean.

If you chose the smell of "maple syrup," your favorite family memories are those that are luxurious. The luxury items you invest in provide comfort and security and are not just frivolous indulgences and these people are the most likely to make new happy memories because they can make the connection between happy memories and the effort that it takes to create them. They understand that happy memories are made and don't just fall out of the sky.

If you chose the smell of "spiced apple cider," your favorite family memories are linked to achievement. People attracted to strong spice scents tend to be achievement-oriented extroverts whose most important memories center around early success. They are not afraid of being noticed for what they can do and they are born risk-takers. When they need an emotional boost, memories of past achievements can provide that.

If you chose the smell of "pine," your favorite family memories are linked to nature. Among adults born twenty or more years ago, most childhood memories center around being outdoors. If you choose pine, you have a youthful attitude which endears you to children and helps you to maintain a youthful exuberance.

If you chose the smell of a "roaring fire," your favorite family memories are linked to togetherness. Your probably cherish family memories like baking cookies with mom or spending lazy Sundays reading the comics, neighborhood block parties, etc. These people tend to have warm, generous hearts. They love to have home fires burning and lots of people around.

I found this really interesting. I happened to choose "roaring fire" and I think it really describes me. I am an adopted child and I think adopted children often subconsciously work on building family. I am disappointed that none of my brothers-in-law have children because I am an only child and Baby will never get to experience having cousins. I have always wanted to tight-knit family that spends joyful holidays together. Still working on that....

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KnittingReader said...

Really interesting! I chose maple syrup, which surprised me, but the explanation made sense.

I am an only child too. My in-laws have kids, but we are not close. Luckily, I have dear friends with kids, which allows me to be a great substitute aunt!