Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh Baby!

I recently won a copy of this book from Bookfool. And guess what? We had our first major baby trauma. It actually wasn't that big of a deal. Noodlebug fell down and split his lip open. At first, I thought he had knocked out one of his teeth. He didn't but there was blood everywhere and I was completely traumatized. He bounced back quickly and his lip doesn't even look that bad. I think I cried more than he did. He is a tough little guy. As he gets more confident with his walking (running) he seems to fall down a lot more. I could wrap the entire house in bubble wrap but that just isn't feasible. So, we babyproof what we can and hope for the best. I have always prided myself in being calm in tense situations but I am learning that when it comes to my baby, all bets are off.

Hope you all had a calm, uneventful weekend!


Bookfool said...

So, did the book help? I remember those days well. Our youngest still has a scar from tugging down a stocking that I foolishly hung on a cast iron hook that sat on the mantel -- not connected to anything. I still think he needed a stitch or two, but hubby said he's fine, good grief woman. LOL It's definitely traumatic for Mama when the little one gets hurt!

Amy said...

It is always great to have a reference book on hand although I have to take issue with the section on cats where it says to watch out for cat bites since they have dirty mouths. How undignified!!!