Thursday, August 20, 2009


One of the things I appreciate about the blogging world is that it gets me outside of myself. That seems like an odd thing to say because one could argue that blogging has the potential to be one of the most egotistical things you can do. You go out and create a blog and fill it with your thoughts and pieces about your life in the hope that others will find it interesting. The nerve and chutzpah!!! Well, that is one way to look at it. Another way to look it is that by creating a blog and sharing your experiences, you could inspire or touch someone else.

I will readily admit that I have struggled with depression on and off since adolescence. In my case, it seems to be hormone-related and with the right prescription, things leveled out in my early twenties. I still have my bad days, though. Post-partum depression laid me low last year. And there have been days when I feel like I can't get out of bed but I get up and do it anyway. Sometimes, I come on this blog and whine and complain and generally embarrass myself. And you are all really patient about that. Other times, I read through the blogs in my various blogrolls and I am bowled over by individuals who are facing very real trials in their lives and doing it with grace and courage.

See real faces of courage here, here and here.

It puts everything in perspective doesn't it? There are truly amazing bloggers out there who share their struggles and little victories with us everyday and remind us we are not alone and that we have the potential to do amazing things. I think that is pretty fantastic.

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