Wednesday, October 07, 2009

TOUCH OF MAGENTA by Linda Loveland Reid

My book club selected TOUCH OF MAGENTA for our October book.  At our book club meeting next week, the author will be joining us which should prove for interesting discussion.

TOUCH OF MAGENTA tells two different stories of two women in California.  Corri returns home to Sonora in Northern California in 1971 for her mother's funeral. As she sorts through her mother's affairs, she begins to uncover family secrets and realizes she may not even know her own true identity.  In 1895, Pegeen defies social convention and prejudice by running away with her Chinese lover. When tragedy strikes, Pegeen must travel the world in order to protect what she holds most dear. Spanning decades of time and several continents, TOUCH OF MAGENTA reveals how the lives of these two women are connected and the effects of family secrets.

This book reminded me a great deal of of THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN.  This book follows the stories of these two women concurrently and slowly reveals one family's hidden secrets and their consequences. The story itself was great. Even though it becomes clear what the outcome will be, Reid finds the perfect pace in revealing this family's truths.  My only complaint was the unnecessary romantic arc in the 1970's storyline.  It slowed the story down and served no real purpose that I could tell.

BOTTOM LINE:  Recommended. This was an enjoyable book that made me think a lot about families and whether we can ever really know the truth of our pasts.  While the 1970's story could be slow and sometimes dragged a bit, the book was solid overall.

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