Monday, December 14, 2009

40 LOAVES by C.D. Baker and GIVEAWAY

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

I am always on the lookout for a good devotional.  I often start them and never finish them because they seldom offer me what I need. There are plenty of books that address the needs of Christians who are content and comfortable in their faith. There aren't many that feed those who may have a "hungry spirit."  I was drawn in by 40 LOAVES immediately after reading the Note to Reader.  Baker begins this devotional by pointing out that it is okay to have questions and doubts about our faith. As he points out, "Questions invite authenticity."  It is so refreshing to hear someone say that!!!  40 LOAVES offers a series of bread crumbs (or more nourishing loaves) for those of us who feel a bit lost in our faith.  It challenges us to ask the tough questions.

I especially loved the sections on sin and feeling disconnected and angry.  Baker allows us to explore these feelings that many Christians want simply to sweep under the rug. For those of us who struggle with issues of faith and doubt, this book allows us a safe place to ask the tough questions.  Each section is only a few pages long and includes thought questions and a prayer.  This would make a great holiday gift to help those who wish to explore their faith in greater depth a great way to start the new year.  It also has forty chapters which would make it a good read for Lent as well.

You may purchase a copy of this book here.

I have a copy of this book to give away.  It would make a great companion book to start the new year with. If you are interested in winning a copy, please leave a comment here.  The contest will be open until Friday, December 18!


peterbob said...


I too have the same problem with finding good devotionals and finishing them. Your review really perked my interests. I am going to have to check it out.


Bookfool said...

Sounds like a good devotional. I hope your family improves, soon. I can't view the video in your most recent post (another new problem I'm having -- maybe I should just turn off the computer and sleep for two weeks) but I love The Three Amigos. I'm thinking maybe I should just watch the movie and try to figure out which scene Amy chose. ;)

Amy M. said...

Sorry you can't view the video, Bookfool! It's the scene where Lucky is locked up in El Guapo's prison and chained to the wall. He keep pulling the chains and struggling across the cell to free himself and the chains keep pulling him back against the wall. Always cracks me up!!!


Amy said...

This devotional looks great. I would love to have a copy. Thanks for all of your book reviews. I read all of the reviews, even if I don't always comment. In fact, I have a handwritten list of books to check out from the library, based on your recommendations. Good work!

Bookfool said...


Thanks for telling me that! Now, I need to find the movie. We have a copy of it somewhere in this mess. You should see my house. We're moving bookshelves, which means (of course) that they have to be emptied. Wow, I didn't know I had *that* many books!!! LOL Hope the huz and baby are feeling better!