Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DUG DOWN DEEP by Joshua Harris

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to read and review Joshua Harris' book DUG DOWN DEEP: UNEARTHING WHAT I BELIEVE AND WHY IT MATTERS because it sounded like a book I really need to read right now. I believe one of the problems with Christianity today is that many Christians simply go through the motions without really thinking about why they are Christians.  It is so easy for those of us who were raised in the church to simply "go along" with Christianity because that is our personal tradition.  In order to truly grow as Christians, we need to really dig down to the bedrock of our faith and ask the tough questions about why we believe what we believe. This is the problem that Harris addresses in his book.

Harris shares his own personal journey of faith with his readers while explaining his views on the importance of church doctrine.  I tend to be very strict about my books. I don't really believe in writing in books or dog-earing pages. However, with this book, I got my pencil out and started underlining because there were so many ideas and points I wanted to go back to.  Harris also talks about certain books that have been important in developing his faith that I will definitely want to add to my own reading list.  I especially liked Harris' chapter entitled "God with a Bellybutton" where he looks at the significance of Jesus who Jesus is and why that is important.  Harris challenges us all to really look at our faith and why we believe what we believe. We cannot simply operate from a basis of comfort. To grow as Christians, we have to understand why we believe and what that really means. Otherwise, it is just empty tradition with an impersonal God.

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BOTTOM LINE: Highly recommended.  This book really opened my eyes about how much work I need to do in my own faith life. I cannot just walk around saying that I'm a Christian like I would say I am a brunette or a Texan. It has to mean more than that and I have to know why.  Christian faith has to be an active and evolving thing and this book helps to pinpoint areas of study and contemplation.


Diane said...

I was disappointed that you did not like Made in the USA; Letts. I just got this one this week and hope I like it better than you :)

Amy said...

Diane--I think I picked up MADE IN THE USA expecting it to be something other than it was. This could be a classic example of mis-marketing. Perhaps it will speak to you in a different way than it did to me. I look forward to reading your review!


Gary said...

What a thoughtful review, Amy. I admire the reflective approach you take as it concerns your faith.

Marie said...

I like the sound of this book a lot for my book club; thanks for the great review.