Monday, December 27, 2004

I have always loved "A Christmas Carol." I don't know why the story appeals to me so much but it really does. My favorite versions are the Albert Finney musical "Scrooge" and Bill Murray's "Scrooged." I love the idea of having this overnight transformation and starting a new life. I used to want to be a really bad person just so I could undergo the magical transformation into someone good and beloved. I really enjoy the scene where Scrooge encounters everyone as his new self and shocks them all. There is such potential for a wonderful new life in those scenes. You just know that Scrooge will live happily ever after. And in the Albert Finney version, he gets to dance around with everyone singing "Thank you very much." And there's nothing better than a good musical number.

Speaking if which...I saw "A Very Long Engagement" which was quite good. I love the director Jean Pierre Jeunet. Very creative. Don't go expecting "Amelie." It's more of a war movie/mystery/love story. I also saw "Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera." I liked it. If you liked the musical, you'll probably like the movie because it is just the same. Except without Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford. I have to say the Phantom is much sexier than Raoul. Christine is a fool.

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