Monday, December 06, 2004

So, here is the gist of a conversation I overhead in a restaurant yesterday. A man and two women were sitting in the booth next to me and I couldn't help but listen in...

Older Woman: I'd like to go to church for Christmas but I don't want to go alone. And I don't know where to go.

Younger Woman: What kind of church are you looking for?

Older woman: Well, I really like churches with beautiful windows and pretty music. There is one over on the DU campus. It's Catholic, I think.

Man: It's not Catholic. It's unaffiliated.

Younger Woman: Just as well. Catholics are so weird about stuff.

Older woman: Well, I just want pretty windows and pretty music. I don't care about sermons. I never listen anyway.

Younger Woman: Yeah, me neither. I just like to look around. Sermons are boring. Don't go to a Lutheran church. They are just like Catholics. Someone once told me, if you are Catholic, you'll feel really comfortable in a Lutheran church because they are exactly the same.

Older woman: Well, I'll just try and find a pretty church. I don't care what kind it is.

Now, you know I was just dying to butt into this conversation. I'll talk about my thoughts on it tomorrow. For now, just enjoy the crazy things that people say. I get so tired of my fellow human beings sometimes.

How did Jesus do it?


Ellen said...

The truth is, this was probably one of the most truthful conversations about church that we are likely to hear. A lot of people probably choose churches for even more shallow reasons than pretty windows, but are just afraid to admit it.

Anonymous said...

Pretty windows? That is so weird. Everybody with a clue knows that you go to church to meet chicks.

Malady said...

Ha ha, Gary.

You are probably right Ellen. But I certainly have more to say on the subject.

Genevieve said...

hum, I agree with Ellen that it was probably an honest conversation. Now, Amy, you know I don't go to church, and I could care less what other people do. But maybe if this woman was interested in learning about religion, but didn't know where to start, the pretty windows and music was a place to start for her. Just like other people chose a church because a friend goes there, or because it's closest to their house, but then end up liking it, and going back more than once. but then again, maybe she just wanted a pretty place for Christmas.