Friday, April 14, 2006

Building an Ark

Well, yesterday was the first day in weeks that we got to see the sun. I have always liked rain. Especially thunderstorms. But this incessant rain is starting to get to me. I need a little break now and then. I want to be outdoors enjoying spring.

For a few years, my friends and I always had Easter in the park. We brought a picnic and outdoor games. It was such a good time. It looks like it will rain on my Easter this year.

Next Monday I go back to Colorado to close on my house. I am really dreading it. There are so many little things still to take care of. And the movers to deal with. I will just be so relieved when it is all over. By Thursday, I will load up an ark and sail back home to face more rain.

Another negative of rain, it makes me feel lazy. I just want to lay around and watch tv all day. There might be a little sunshine today so I better get out there and enjoy it while I can.

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